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Why choose Concerfy?

Concerfy is a website that ensures the secure booking of artists or musicians of various musical styles.
Honest and competitive prices
We have the most competitive and economical prices in the sector.
Proven profiles
Artist profiles verified by the artists themselves. Ensuring reliability.
100% secure payment and processing
Various online payment methods, ensuring 100% effectiveness.


Any doubts? Here we solve them

What is Concerfy?

Concerfy is the platform dedicated to the recruitment of professionals – so called because it includes musicians and technicians – from the world of performing arts and live music, with a variety of all the most representative musical styles. In case you want to know more, Concerfy is an acronym for “Concert finds you”.

What advantages does Concerfy offer me as a music professional?

Concerfy was born so that musicians, singers, technicians and other professionals in the world of music can focus all their efforts on performing and be paid for their performances.

We provide a platform so that the professional can be known internationally and facilitate the contracting of the same based on the criteria established by the professional. Concerfy establishes as a compulsory payment both the cache and the payment of the return transport and has established that the payments will be made up to 72 hours after the event or concert.

How do I register with Concerfy?

Signing up is simple, you must create an account.

To do this you must create a user name or email address and password, fill in the data such as the location where you live, necessary for the search of the professional, email, telephone and IBAN to be able to send you notifications and payments.

Then you must either create at least one profile or one project, or both.

In both the profile and the project you will have to fill in the parameters that you are asked for, some are obligatory and others optional, however, Concerfy recommends that you fill in all the parameters as they will be included in clause I of the particular contracting conditions, both for the contractor and for the professional.

Registration implies acceptance of the general terms and conditions and the particular conditions between Concerfy and the professional.

What is a profile?

A profile is for an individual professional who wishes to be hired individually either by contractors or by other musicians or even to replace another musician in a group who for various reasons will not be performing at a particular gig.

You can be hired by both contractors and professionals within Concerfy. In the profile, the price established is that of a single professional always to facilitate the hiring in case of substitution or in case the professional does not need more professionals for the musical event, for example, a pianist, a soloist or a singer or musician who offers his services to other groups or bands as well as to contractors.

What is a project?

A project can be created through two different starting points.

The first option is that it can come from an individual profile who wants to launch a product such as a new album-and needs to propose a new cache- ,a project in collaboration with other professionals who have their own profile or a professional who wants to tour with other artists and technicians.

The second option is that projects also include groups, bands or ensembles of several professionals performing together, including sound and lighting technicians where appropriate.

In a project there will always be a representative who will receive the payments and it is the professional from whose account the project has been created, where the payments will be linked.

What is the professional tab for?

In this first tab of the main menu, you will find the professional you are looking for by category, it is a quick way to search by category.

What is the music genre tab for?

It is a quick search field by musical genre, which initially does not include the musical sub-genres that the professional can choose in their profile or project. This does not generate any conflict in the search as each time a professional selects a musical sub-genre he/she will be previously choosing its related genre, so we will find it simply with the musical genre category.

What is the events tab for?

Here we will find the events we want to create in such a way that when we select one, it will pre-select the professionals who would be willing to perform in those events, it is not the same to play in a pub than in a church, or in a private dinner than in an auditorium.

Professionals choose in their profile or project the venues – so called from the professional’s perspective, also called events – where they want to be hired.

What is the instruments tab for?

We cannot overlook the fact that Concerfy is an idea registered by musicians and professionals in the world of music, this tab serves to establish a direct search pattern by musical instrument.

As with the musical genres, the musician in his profile or project can select other musical instruments from the same family or subcategories, as he will have previously selected the main related instrument.

For example, the professional plays the saxophone or saxophone although he wants to highlight that he is specialised in the soprano, alto and tenor saxophone which he will mark in his profile. The professional will be found in the search engine by instruments in the saxophone instrument and if we select his profile, once inside we will see his specialisation in those three types of saxophones.

It is very useful when looking for a very specific instrumentalist within the specialists of that instrument.

What is the Recruitment filter for?

The Recruitment section is a search filter by different categories to help you in your search for a professional according to the following parameters: location, distance to reference point, distance to you, cache between, number of professionals, genre, instrument, venues or events among others.


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